We are a hyper curated shop that carries anything cool we can get our hands on. We have an ever overflowing selection of mens and womens vintage and on trend second hand items, as well as boutique accessories and fetish wear. Where do we get these items you may ask? Well, we have our secret sources, and WE ACCEPT DONATIONS AND BUY CLOTHING FROM THE PUBLIC!

We buy vintage, and on trend modern clothing at a rate of 35%. The items need to be worth at least $16 and have no damage, or excessive signs of wear. You can drop off items to sell anytime we’re open and we will go through it within a few days and make you an offer that you can choose to accept or decline. Choice items only please!

We will accept any clothing items, worth any amount and in any condition for donation, but ideally these are sellable as well and you’ve already sorted out and disposed of any damages (especially your dirty socks and underwear!) Donating is a huge support to us so if you are able to go this route, please do. You can drop of donations any time we’re open and we’ll give you a 25% off coupon in exchange.