Everyone wears clothing, so fashion is one of the most universal ways to connect with each other and develop self-esteem. NYC residents discard 193,000 tons of textiles every year, at a cost to taxpayers and our environment. By buying used clothing from us, you are helping to keep this resource (about 3 tons of it) out of the landfill.

Our associates are always on call as stylists but if you want undivided attention, we offer in depth styling consultations by appointment.

- We offer 25% off coupons for donations and you can drop items off anytime we’re open.
- We buy clothing at a rate of 25% of what we price the items at. You can drop items off anytime we're open and we will go through them when we have time on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

If you would like to rent clothing for a photo shoot, film, or special event please email us outlining what type of credit, content, or other value exchange you are offering us. If we are interested, we will schedule a time for you to do the pull. You will need to pay for the items in full with a credit card and you will be refunded in full when the items are returned and in their original condition.



Megan: Front of House Manager

Megan loves sewing, knitting, and illustration and her artistic practice functions as a way to reinterpret traditional craft and to connect with those around her. She lives in Bushwick and found GG's through chance as she was walking home last year and became invested in the greater purpose of the organization. Come find her with sewing questions or to talk about vintage!


Erick: Front of House Associate

Erick is a newly integrated art student who’s out to find the medium that best expands the mind of himself and others. He’s a Bushwick native that has a heart for social justice and movements that amplify the voices of the most marginalized. He’s good at squeezing through sticky situations while having a good time. Watch out if you come around him while he’s playing ballroom music, you may just see him vogue his life away.


Rose: Front of House Associate

Rose is no longer a teenager but she still has braces and she’s not mad about it. She recently moved out of her family's place in the Bronx and is looking for a space to call her own. Find her if you need some real talk, or fashion advice. If you’re lucky she’ll mention you on instagram.


Zolzaya: Buyer

Marketing guru by day, stylist by night, Zoloo will curate the basic out of any project you’ve got. Find her biking around Brooklyn, side-eying beckies, and out dressing you any day of the week.