We have four studios available for 1 to 6 month residencies. All residents will have their own private studio and prioritized access to our event space and gallery. Residents are required to join and participate on our internal programming committee and produce at least one public event per month. To apply for a residency please email us at explaining who you are and what you're into, which residency you want and for how long, and what you plan to accomplish during your time here. If you are interested in joining our income sharing co-op, completing a 6 month residency is the first step. 

Community Residency: This residency is for a long time Bushwick resident who wants a free studio to do whatever they want in! In exchange for the studio you will be required to help with base building and community outreach for a maximum of 5 hours per week. Cost: FREE!

The Next System Residency: This residency is for anyone working on anything related to building new systems outside of capitalism. Cost: $500/month

Installation Residency: This residency is for installation artists who want to weave their work throughout the gallery. Group shows are also welcome. Because of the interconnected layout of the shop and gallery space you will be required to collaborate with Dylana to determine the exact placement of your installations. Please see Lost Abjects: Theory of Garbage by Kalan Sherrard for inspiration. Cost: $500/month

Open Residency: This residency is open for any proposal of any kind! Let's hear what you've got in mind! Cost: $500/month