Need support? We offer the following services. Our services are free to individuals who are long term Bushwick residents and/or People of Color and sliding scale for organizations and everyone else. To request any of the following services, please email us at and we will get back to you promptly with next steps.

Conflict Mediation: 
We provide individual mediators to help people resolve conflict that they feel unable to resolve on their own.

We offer meeting facilitation and trainings to help groups run meetings and make decisions more efficiently and democratically. 

Organizational Development:
We offer in depth organizational development that centers purpose and democratic principles. We are open to working with any groups but are particularly suited for supporting new organizations and businesses, especially cooperatives. We offer support in the following areas: 
- Developing a purpose
- Developing a business model
- Developing strategy
- Setting up governance including roles, protocols, and decision making processes
- Setting up operational systems
- Financial advising
- Legal advising

Personal Development:
We offer one-on-one personal development support that helps individuals complete in depth self-observations, set realistic goals for growth, and be accountable to those goals. 

For an extensive list of supportive New York City resources, check out CONNECTIONS published by the New York Public Library.