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Dylana K. Dillon: Co-Owner

Dylana co-founded GG’s because we need more community spaces where we can connect, support, and be accountable to each other. Through her participation in organizations like La Tabacalera and Asemblea Lavapies in Madrid, Occupy Sandy, Flux Factory, and the Parole Preparation Project in NYC, European Dissent and Gulf South Rising in New Orleans, and Round Sky Solutions in Vermont, as well as her research into intentional communities like Matavenero, Tamera, Twin Oaks, Acorn, and Compersia, she has learned what it takes to organize and share power effectively, and she is excited to share this experience with others. Dylana is committed to undoing racism and believes that income sharing is one of the most promising leverage points for unlearning capitalist ideals, and practicing how to build new systems together. She dreams of having a co-op of 6 to 10 people who are part of a vast network of other co-ops that work together to build and share autonomous resources, and create long-term socially engaged art projects, initiatives, and political campaigns that dismantle unjust systems. She is particularly interested in shutting down factory farms and prisons, facilitating youth councils, creating alternatives to calling the police, developing software that supports cooperative operations, and figuring out where the money to start new co-ops is going to come from. For now, she is focused on providing support to our community, teaching others what she knows, curating events and installations that elevate public spaces outside of the mundane, caring for street kitties, cooking, and styling looks. Find her if you want to challenge her on something, or walk around the city eating snacks and talking shop.

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JW: Co-Owner

JW grew up in Vermont and became interested in alternative models of living and working in society in his early 20’s while living in a large collective house and starting a DIY music venue in the basement. JW has been in several punk bands, performance art groups, and dance troupes. He has a large collection of photography, street art, video work, poems, and installation art that puts the spotlight where it’s not wanted and explores beauty, chaos, sexuality, and humoristic interruption of day to day life. He helped start a trade school and ran a computer repair company for 10 years, which he sold before moving to NYC for Occupy Wall Street in 2011. JW has helped build out 3 warehouses to be affordable live/work spaces for artists in NYC and was a founding member of Body Actualized Center in Bushwick, leading all the construction and buildout and proposing governance. Growing disillusioned with the loneliness and correlating addictions that come from an individualist, capitalist society, and the drudgery of work without purpose, JW put a call out to friends in 2014 to form a co-operative that would share resources and work while encouraging growth, connection, and creativity which led to GG’s being formed. Find him if you dream of being your own boss, or getting your own space but don’t know where to start.


Megan: Front of House Associate

Megan loves sewing, knitting, and illustration and her artistic practice functions as a way to reinterpret traditional craft and to connect with those around her. She lives in Bushwick and found GG's through chance as she was walking home and became invested in the greater purpose of the organization. Come find her with sewing questions or to talk about vintage!